Weight gain Fruits | 07 Best Fruits for gaining weight

Weight gain is always a challenge for hard gainers. There are the people who want to gain weight and build some muscle but it is so difficult for some people just because of their low-calorie intake.

There are different fruits rich in protein and carbohydrates which can help in gaining weight and making it easy for the people trying to gain weight.

So if you want to gain weight you have to take calories in surplus

What are the best fruits which can help you to gain weight? 

Here are 07 fruits listed below which are known as the best fruits to gain weight:


If you are looking for a healthy and effective fruit for gaining weight then banana is a good source because it is not only highly nutritious but it is rich in Calories, fiber, carbs, protein, and vitamin B6.

  • Make your habit of eating 2-6 bananas regularly when you’re trying to put on some weight.
  • You can consume bananas in smoothies, banana milkshake, or you can also enjoy adding them with rolled oats and peanut butter in your breakfast
  • Two medium-sized bananas contain about 200 calories
  • If you are feeble and slim then you should make it a habit of having banana shake daily. You can also eat bananas followed by a cup of milk, or sliced banana with cream is also a good source of high-calorie intake


This bright red in color juicy berry is a good source of adding weight because strawberries are rich in vitamin C, some dietary minerals, and contains essential unsaturated fatty acids

  • You can add strawberries to your daily diet when you’re trying to gain some weight
  • You can enjoy eating them in slices or coupled with milk and honey
  • If you consume 2 glasses of strawberry milkshake daily you’ll witness the results within a few days


A seasonal fruit, which is rich in vitamins, carbs, proteins, and fiber is also a very good natural source of gaining weight. A delicious fruit that boosts your immunity levels, and increases your body mass

  • A 165 grams mango contains about 99 calories and other proteins and fibers in balanced quantity which help you fulfill your total calorie intake
  • If mangoes are coupled with milk and honey/sugar, they can be a good and effective supplement in gaining weight

This juicy fruit can be enjoyed in slices, or you can add them to your summer salads.

Do remember overeating mangoes can make your stomach disturbed.


Avocados are rich in protein, calories, healthy fat, carbs, and fiber. You can add avocados to your daily diet as a weight gaining supplement. Avocados become healthier and nutrient-rich when you add these with scrambled eggs in your breakfast daily

  • A medium-sized avocado which can be approx 100 grams carry 161 calories
  • Avocados are also rich in other micronutrients which can help you gain weight fast

How can you enjoy it while consuming it? well, you can enjoy eating them in different ways you can eat them in slices, or you can add them in your salads or soups


Apricots have many health benefits and they are nutritious. Apricots are a good source of Beta-carotene, fibers, carbs, protein, and calories. When it comes to gain weight consuming apricots is a very good choice whether you eat them fresh or dried it’s totally up to you how you like them

  • A 28 grams apricot contains about 67 calories
  • Apricots are good for eye health and it helps improving digestion

According to research, apricots protect the liver from damage as they are rich in antioxidants content

This fruit can be consumed peeled, unpeeled, or in slices. You can also enjoy apricot with cheese, cream or nuts as they make a perfectly nutritious diet to help you gain weight

Sapota Fruit

Sapota fruit is a great energy provider, they help in digestion, good for bones, regulates, and maintains blood pressure. Sapota fruits also work as a natural anti-inflammatory.

This fruit is also a very good source of gaining and maintaining weight

  • Sapota fruit is rich in vitamin A and C, which helps increasing immunity levels
  • 100 grams of chikoo fruit contains about 83 calories

These fruits can be eaten in slice form, or you can add them in smoothies, fruit salads. It can also be enjoyed with yogurt or cream which makes it healthier and nutritious.

Don’t forget to throw the stones/seeds out of it before eating.


Dates are an excellent source of gaining weight. Dates are rich in Carbs, proteins, fats, and calories. They are also a very good source of vitamin B6, iron, and manganese. The presence of these minerals makes dates a perfect option for the hard gainers to gain weight.

  • One date of approx 24 grams contains about 66.5 calories
  • This fruit is a special pick-me-up snack for any time, you can carry them in your pocket or fold in tissue and enjoy them anytime anywhere

This dried fruit can be eaten in different ways like you can enjoy eating them the whole (throwing off the seed), or you can add them in your milkshakes or smoothies

You can also add 2-3 dates with oatmeal to make it more effective and healthier

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