Was Vs Will


Just for a while, think about those resilient days when people were getting drunk in the middle of the sea. The days when a patient suffered, much like how a papercraft drifted along in the water, tumbling about due to the lack of advancements.                                               

At the time, the only ambition of the doctor was to save a life by eliminating the rebellious organ. However, it was noticed that if injury or surgery did not kill the patient, post-surgical infections could, due to the absence of conventional treatment                                                                                                                               

Now, bouncing towards the present, people have reached the seashore, where the papercraft has transformed into a ship, where health care has changed from anaesthetics and antibiotics to Magnetic Resonance Imaging, where there are now options for both patient and doctor to determine the type of treatment and, where cancer can be treated using chemotherapy and radiotherapy. That is how technology has successfully managed to change open procedures into invasive ones.                       

We have reached the seashore but, it does not mean that we have reached our destiny because the future is where alterations take place gradually, and technology makes its place in the world. The future brings with it a variety of devices giving us space and opportunity to interact with the patients.

It is time to realise the merit of technology, and that of the person who deals with it. Now the time is not far from us, where technology screams with joy everywhere.

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