Next Step Warriors

Next Step Warrior

Who is a warrior? Have you ever seen a play? We usually pay attention to only the protagonists who are performing but do not see or give due credit to the many crew members who are working tirelessly backstage to help bring the play to life and make it a success. The life of a Medical Technologist is much like that of the off-stage crew members. In our society, people assume that Medical Technologists are merely medical co-workers. People may not see them often but, they are just as vital to the medical team. Without Medical Technologists, tests cannot be performed, accurate and precise data about medical reports cannot be generated. X-Ray machines, Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass machines, and many other life-saving tools cannot be operated without the theoretical and practical understanding of a trained Medical Technologist. 

The two areas that are changing today are Information Technology and Medical Technology. Those are the things that the world will be very different 20 years from now than it is today.


Warrior Or Worrier?

People always fear and struggle to accept change. With the arrival of a new era of healthcare, come new challenges that we need to tackle. So, what measures do we, as Medical Technologists, need to take to face these challenges? Our task at hand is to face our fears about the future with courage and to prepare for the changing world with as much knowledge as possible.

Change is a very important tool in life as people are always thinking of the future. Science has made a great deal of progress, with a constantly accelerating pace of development in the field of medicine. Better clinical outcomes and reduced recovery time are now of tremendous value. Machines and modern inventions are burgeoning, making things much easier for Medical Technologists or modern warrior. However, some aspects can still be considered lacking, such as the need for risk reduction. A healthcare professional is incessantly concerned about a patient’s health as the slightest negligence could prove to be fatal. So, a certain degree of change is crucial in facilitating healthcare workers and increasing treatment efficiency. After all, modern warriors require modern weapons to face the enemy.

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