the electronic aspirin

The Electronic Aspirin

“New medical technology, all driven to make our lives headache-free.”

A recent discovery in medical technology by the California-based company, Autonomic Technology Inc., is set to make headache management and pain relief easier, faster, and more feasible than ever. It is named the Electronic Aspirin, which serves as an SPG-stimulating, drug-free treatment for headaches. Headache disorders are the third-highest cause of disability throughout the world, and the World Health Organization reports that migraines account for as much as 1.3% of life-years lost to disability.
The main reason for the development of this electronic painkiller is ongoing and abruptly increasing occurrence of headache disorders amongst all age groups across the world. Headaches as severe as migraines can affect the overall lifestyle of a person, deteriorating their ability to conduct daily activities efficiently. Therefore, this curative medical technology aims to provide relaxation and, to ensure general wellbeing and satisfactory quality of lifestyle of the public.

A medical experiment conducted on patients suffering from persistent headaches. In order to prove the efficiency of the Electronic Aspirin showed that; in 68% of the people tested, the migraines improved and, the frequency of weekly headaches were noted to have lessened by 31%. Of these patients, 75% claimed enhancement in their daily lifestyle. This is a reviving technology that is still under technical development and is awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is expected that this could prove to be a lasting cure for all kinds of headaches hopefully. Studies related to the Autonomic Technologies (ATI); developed electronic painkiller is still in motion and research centres are adamantly looking for volunteers who will actively contribute to this study; the patients themselves have full control over the strength and amount of electrical impulses produced by the device.

How are Headaches Caused?

How does this Technology Work?

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