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Digital Tattoo – The Future Of Healthcare

A digital tattoo (also known as E-tattoo) is the same as a simple temporary tattoo, you stick it on your skin and it remains there for days and even weeks. Digital tattoos are tattoos with digital chips and materials that transfer specific information to the device it is connected to. They are simple healthcare wearables that remain on patients’ bodies to record their vitals without interrupting their normal life.

What Is Unique?

The question that arrives in a person’s mind that what’s unique in it as compared to other healthcare wearables…  so the answer is that there are so many features that make it unique. It is easy to wear and handle as it does not damage whether you twist, turn, tear, press, or stretch it. It’s simply so flexible and irritation friendly and does not make a hurdle in between patients’ normal routine. For children especially there are some unique attractive designs to attract them. It is believed that in the future these skin patches or tattoos will upgrade to henna or makeup etc.

How Does It Work?

Digital tattoos are made of tiny gold nanorods, graphene, or various polymers with a non-irritable rubber back. When the tattoo is attached to the wearer’s skin the tiny electrodes record the information and transmit it to the device it is connected to. These digital tattoos will record wearers’ abnormal conditions like; heart arrhythmia, heart activities of premature babies, sleep disorders, blood sugar level, or brain activities. In case of an emergency, they can even call an ambulance or report to the doctor.

The digital tattoo is already in the technology field but its services in medicine would be a treat to watch; as it would solve hundreds of problems and will minimize the factor of being late in an emergency situation. It is also to be expected that these tattoos will have more varieties in the future to serve people more efficiently. The future is almost here.

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