Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

Are you trying to get motivated when you are feeling low? You should read this article to find out how to get motivated when feeling down.

You have a rough day, you fought with your loved ones, have worked hard but doesn’t score well in the test, someone is continuously bothering you, you have a tough time at work, you are facing financial crises, you are not feeling well, and you are down in the dumps. But still, you don’t want to do anything to turn the situation in your favor? Then find some tips to motivate yourself and change the situation.

15 Amazing Tips To Motivate Yourself When Feeling Down

Life is not a bed of roses, you have listened to this several times. But who said it is a bed of thrones? Maybe everything is not right in this period of life. But it will eventually become alright when you try to change your mindset. Maybe the situation will never change but if your perspective of the situation changes, you will win. 

Follow the tips mentioned below to motivate yourself when feeling low 

1. Pray, Pray, And Pray:

Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

When you are feeling low, sad, and defeated. When you don’t know what is going on in your life and you don’t have enough motivation to buckle up. Take a prayer mat and bow in front of Allah. Ask Allah to ease your pain, cry your heart out in front of Him, and recite the Quran and hadith. In this way, your heart will be cleansed and you will be motivated that your God is with you and you can achieve everything with his will.

2. Follow A Mantra:

Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

Try to write a short sentence that will motivate you and cancel out the negative thoughts. The short catchy interesting and motivating sentence will encourage you to move forward whenever you are feeling down. 

3. Change Your Perspective:

Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

As you know the world is not the wish-granting factory. Maybe right now you are not getting what you want. But you should know that this is not the end of the world. Maybe the thing you want is not useful for you but the thing you get is what you should have. Just by changing your perspective, you will start learning that wishes are just hopes according to our mind. But Almighty has different plans!!

4. Set Easy Goals:

Know your mental health, if you are not feeling good it’s okay to set easy goals for yourself. Don’t call yourself a loser if you haven’t followed your goals list today. Start with an easier goal when you will finish it you will feel motivated to level up. Don’t have the energy to complete your whole assignment? Find the solution for just one question today.

5. Kill That Negative Approach About Yourself:

Stop calling yourself dumb if you scored less in a test, and don’t fear your boss because you got scold yesterday because of an incomplete task. Don’t let the negative emotions overcome your sense of effort. A day could be rough for you or a month or maybe a year but this thing doesn’t define you. Lift yourself, think about your achievements, and buckle up yourself. Read positive quotes about life and try to find a little happy moment every day.

6. Exercise:


Exercise your worries out. When you exercise it will automatically change your mood. You will be less prone to depression if you exercise regularly confirmed by centers for disease control and prevention.

7. Take time for yourself:

If you are not finding time for yourself you are putting your mental health at risk. Go to the salon, dressed up nicely, meet your favorite people, and enjoy your favorite meal. These things sound childish but these things will boost your mood. And will prepare yourself for a hectic day tomorrow.

8. Share Your Story With Your Loved One:

Share your story with your loved one

Ask for help from your friend. Share your story with a friend who you trust the most. Ask your friend’s opinion. Ask your friend to hold you to your commitment. And ask your friend to accompany you to yoga class.

9. Do Social Media Cleansing:

Do social media cleansing

Distance yourself for some time from this fake world of social sites where people show they are happy and their lives are perfect. You have to log out from every social platform for a while and think about yourself. Read some books, cook for yourself, and spend time with your loved ones. In this way, you will get the motivation to complete your pending work. Social media cleansing will also help you to love your life instead of envying other people’s lives.

10. Appreciate Small Cheerful Moments:

Maybe someone complimented you today? Or you have cleaned your messy room after a week? Or you can order your favorite food today? Like these, there are several joyful moments in a day that we missed because of feeling low and sad. Try to appreciate these moments and motivate yourself to look at the positive outlook of life.

11. Always Remember Criticism Has No Place In Heart:

Get Motivated When You Are Feeling Down

You are feeling low because of a critic? Their criticism and harsh words are their reflections, not yours. Avoid taking criticism to heart. Be sure about yourself. Surround yourself with positive energy.

12. Create A Happy Routine:

Problems and troubles are part of life but you cannot allow the negativity to surround you. Try to find some activities that bring pleasure to your life even just for some hours. 

For example, if you love painting, use the paintbrush, and paint your vision.  

13. Maintain A Diary:

Maintain a diary

A diary could be your best friend. You can write and blurt out everything that is bothering you. In this way, you will feel better and motivated.

14. Sleep Well:

Sleep well

If you are feeling low you should try to sleep. Avoiding all the drama in your life for a few hours will be useful for you. You will wake up motivated and less stressed.

15. Make A List Of Tasks:

Make a list of tasks

Create a list of task that is humanly possible. Don’t consider yourself a superhuman who can do everything magically. Stop and think about your schedule first then list up the tasks you can perform. Don’t overburden yourself.

The Bottom Line:

The Bottom line

These tips will help you to gather some motivation for you when you are feeling down. Analyze yourself, think about what type of motivation you need to disappear from this state of despair. If you are not feeling motivated to do anything ask yourself why you have to do that? Think about the reason why you are selected for that task. Or what will a lack of motivation cost you in near future?. Feeling low and depressed is a common thing but serving negativity at your table throughout life because of this logic is a foolish act. 

Try to interview many people around you listen to their stories about how they cope up with troubles in their lives and note that down in your diary. You will not believe it but at the end of the day, you will have many tips and tricks to feel motivated. Also, change your life and include gratitude in your life. By including gratitude there will be fewer chances of feeling low and lack of motivation.

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