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Who is a Food Engineer? | An Overview

Food Engineer

A civil engineer constructs buildings and knows about the materials used in the construction its design and plan, an electrical engineer can design and develop electrical systems, A computer engineer is working to update your personal computers, An automotive engineer helps to solve the transportation issues by designing vehicles and there are many other engineering groups and among them, there is a group of engineers called food engineers. Who are they what do they do?

Food Engineer

Ever wonder the chips you love because of the crispiness, the milk you are drinking because of its packaging, the canned vegetables and fruits you are using in every weather and the food having good shelve life which helps you to store the food you love for a longer period which made your life much easier than ever is the invention of whom?? Ahh no, this is not your concern you just unpacked the food eat it directly or cook it and satisfy your cravings and then ask some undergraduate students of the Food engineering department with a loud laugh hey is there any need for engineering for food ?? What do you people learn?? Umm, how to cook biryani? Ohm, so you are not kidding?? You are studying food engineering?? These are some questions the food engineers faced every day since they entered this field.

Food plays an important role in your survival, you need energy so it means you need food includes any nutritious substance that a living thing consumes to maintain life and growth and this phenomenon is built on food engineering. However, the truth is people don’t know that the food they are eating today is not just about science but about engineering as well. The people who preferred milk from their local milk vendors have now switched to tetra pack milk because they are convinced that the milk they were consuming was not safe, and this change of mind happened because of engineering and the person who is integrating the concept of engineering in food is called food engineer

Food engineer

Food Engineers help to revolutionize your food needs and now you are living an easier and safer life. At this time you don’t have to worry about the storage of your food because of a food engineer who has already worked for you and developed a packaging suitable for your food to increase its shelf life.
You don’t have a concern about what you are eating because a food engineer already worked on this and mentioned the ingredients for you on the packaging with the additional information of how much calories you need to take and how much you are taking through this product. Your health problems are no longer a problem because the engineer behind your food manufacturing knows about your allergies and the pathogens which could attack you and spoil your gut health.

Since the beginning of earth when people cut down trees and use woods to produce heat to cook their food they use their brains and find the source of heat, As the population increases the problems to produce, manufacture, distribution, and handling of food also arises and when a problem exists so there exists a solution and for finding this solution the people who worked are now known as food engineers.

As the world developed, people ran out of time. Now people need a solution to make delicious, healthy, and safe food in less time. That was the time when engineering saved the food world, and a food engineer who knows the science behind the food developed types of machinery that help the people to safe their time by bringing ready to eat food on their table.

The food engineers made it possible to remove or add nutrients to the food as per the human latest requirements for example now diabetic patients are no longer suffering because they can’t eat anything sweet because food engineers worked to introduce sweeteners that are fit for diabetic patients. Whereas, fortification of different vitamins to your food by food engineers made your life easier and healthier.

Currently, the world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic many countries have imposed lockdowns and people cannot go out unnecessarily, and cannot meet many people. thanks to the saviors (food engineers ) who developed food preservation methods a long time ago and these preservation methods are become the need of time due to which now people can store food for a longer period and can stay at their home safe.
Did you like canned food? Mr.Colin Ball was the one who invented the thermal process for canned food to evaluate the sterility value for the safety of canned items. Are you a fitness freak and a foodie?? Dr.Bolaffi developed vacuum frying technology to serve healthy snacks. We Asians rely on dry mix masalas to cook delicious desi dishes do you know Mr. Felix germinal was the one who worked on functional attributes and finally helped to developed dry mix formulated food products. Who is the one who doesn’t like pizza? And during these pandemic days, a frozen pizza is a far better choice Mr. Jenno.OF.paulucci the method to produce frozen pizza for people convenience. These people and many more unsung heroes who save your lives from the hassle of food problems are known as food engineers in history.
We are consuming these products using these technologies but sadly we don’t even know who developed them, we are just concerned about the benefits these things are providing rather than focusing on these things which helped us to survive. We don’t bother to learn how food poisoning is now controlled somehow due to the efforts of food engineers who provide safer food items to your table.

Here we have to clarify that Food Engineers and food technologists are two separate people. A food engineer can work on the place of food technologist but a food technologist cannot work on the position of food engineer, A food engineer studies and grasp the knowledge of different fields like biochemistry, chemistry, applied physics, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and basic food science and integrate that knowledge in the manufacturing process of food to provide safer healthier, nutritious, and delicious food for people.

So for conclusion, a person who is always into testing, A person who knows the quality codes, A person who developed types of machinery for better food production, A person who learned artificial intelligence and robotics to incorporate it in distribution and packaging of food, A person who knows about your gut health and productivity solutions to boost your immunity, A person who creates new recipes according to your nutrition needs and taste buds, A person who can solve food security issues, A person who can recycle the waste food is known as a Food engineer.

While people are still asking who is a food engineer, A food engineer is busy finding methods of non-thermal processing of food (pulsed electric field and high pressure), studying the micro-level food properties and understanding the kinetics to make the food more nutritive and safe than ever before, designing edible coatings for the packaging of food and to treat and recycle the food waste to generate power to a safe environment and much more

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