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How to become a food engineer?? | An Overview

Food Engineer

Deciding what to grow into after completing intermediate is the usual practice of Pakistani students especially the one who wants to opt engineering as their career they are always muddled which stream they should choose some goes behind the streams they are interested in some goes for the streams that have the scope in the country some students choose streams according to their merit but not a single student has prior or prerequisite knowledge about their streams and this scenario sometimes creates confusions in mind which leads to further complications in future.

 If you want to choose medical as your career you need to be compassionate, empathetic, competent, honest, and courageous same is the case with engineering If you choose engineering as your career you should focus that whether you have a natural curiosity in yourself or not? Or you are just accepting things as the way they are?? Are you a team player?? Do you put attention in detail?? Are you a math lover?? Do you possess problem-solving skills and have logical thinking?? If the answer to these questions is yes then you are ready to be an engineer and serve people. One should think before picking engineering as a career path, as engineers have a big responsibility they are responsible for empirically carving the results of researches to apply them in the real development of society. An engineer builds what the dreamers dream he uses his every skill to provide ease in every aspect of life, it is because of engineers that health is better, food is accessible, electricity and clean running water is available. Engineering is not just a profession it’s a way of life, it’s about creating opportunities and then using those opportunities for a better world. Engineering should be selected when one knows the problem and have the ability to solve it by any means.

Steps to become a food engineer:

 After getting an opportunity to select engineering as your career if you want to pursue your dreams being a food engineer you should be knowledgeable about science and how the science can be applied to food and its processing, you should possess good numerical and analytical abilities, meticulous attention to detail particularly about health, safety and hygiene you are ready to go.

To become a food engineer one has to follow below-mentioned steps

Step #1: (Bachelor’s degree)

 After intermediate students should choose a bachelor’s degree in food engineering or could enter this field with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, life sciences, bioprocess engineering, and agriculture. The curriculum of the bachelor’s degrees should include organic chemistry, biotechnology, reaction engineering, and food process design.

 Step#2: (Graduate degree)

  It is not mandatory to get a graduate degree to enter this field but if you want to specialize and excel in a particular area a graduate degree in food process engineering, chemical engineering or biological engineering will help to acquired expertise.

Institutes offering Food Engineering degree in Pakistan:

 Institutes in Pakistan that are offering bachelor’s degree in Food engineering are:

  1. NED University of engineering and technology 
  2. University of Agriculture Faisalabad 

 Whereas some universities are also offering bachelor’s degrees in food sciences:

  1.  Karachi university 
  2. Jinnah University Karachi 
  3. Gomal university D.I khan 
  4. The University of Faisalabad 
  5. University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, rawalakot 
  6. Sindh agriculture university tando jam 
  7. KPK agriculture university, Peshawar
  8. Karakoram international university Gilgit 
  9. Mehran University of engineering and technology 
  10. Hazara University (Haripur campus)
  11. University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore
  12. Baha Uddin Zakariya University Multan  
  13. Government college university, Faisalabad 
  14. PMAS Arid agriculture university, Rawalpindi 

 Scope of Food engineering in Pakistan:

Pakistan established food technology discipline in 1959 at Punjab agricultural college and research institute Lyallpur .now Food engineering is an emerging field in Pakistan, its scope is vast. Pakistani students associated with this field are comprehending the importance of research in this field. Pakistani students associated with this field are working on recycling the food waste generated by food industries to solve power issues whereas a lot of notable researches have been done in the field of packaging to improve the distribution and handling process. Still, Pakistan needs a lot of research in the area of food fraud.

According to the report in the year 2014 titled (introduction of the food industry in Pakistan and the present status of nestle Pakistan) “The food industry is the second largest industry of Pakistan”

So you are entering the field of possibilities when you decide to become a food engineer. 

Food Engineer

 My story:

From reading the ingredients behind my favorite snacks and wondering why some codes are mentioned behind them and what do these codes mean to interrogate the hygienic conditions of every restaurant before selecting a place to dine in I grew up with this sense that there is much more behind this food product I am eating .always in the kitchen with my mom and discussing why she selects this or that ingredient to complete this recipe and learning preservation of food tips from her I developed keen interests towards food processing and preservation. When I choose my field of interest post my intermediate I chose computer engineering as I thought that I have a keen interest towards this computer world but unfortunately, the merit was so high and I didn’t get that chance to get a seat in the computer engineering department, but I got food engineering and little did I know that this is where my expertise belonged to being that extra cautious about the food processing, handling, preservation, and quality I was preparing myself for this field. After entering this field I realized how much work some unsung heroes (engineers) are doing to make our life easier. by studying food engineering I realized that it’s not just about science but it is about our religion as well one important part of food sciences is the halal standards .the way halal standards are serving to produce safer food products is beyond your imagination. The halal export industry is growing day by day people are preferring halal to sustain their health, especially after this pandemic where a not so confirmed news arrived that eating bats in china is the reason behind the COVID-19, even non-Muslims are preferring halal food to keep them safe.

 Knowing the food quality standards helps me to interrogate what I am eating and raising an objection with proofs. Counting calories in my food and maintaining my health is much easier than ever before .moreover my Food engineering degree opens a new door of opportunity for me, by letting me enter in the world of chemical engineering where I learn the control strategies involved to check the quality of the manufactured item as well as helps me to increase my knowledge about the reactors, heat exchangers and different operations involved in the food processing.

If you want to choose food engineering as your career path you should follow the food industries around the world how they are tackling common food-related problems like preservation, and storage and how new technology is serving human needs, how the fusion of artificial intelligence and food manufacturing knowledge is helping the people around the world for manufacturing improved quality products. In this way, you will be able to develop your interest in this field which will help you to succeed in the future.

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