Entrepreneurship In Tourism - An Overview

Entrepreneurship In Tourism – An Overview

Entrepreneurship In Tourism: Shifting From Status Quo

Syeda Sidra Navaid, Filza Samar, and Maryam Shabbir– Department of Economics & Management Sciences, NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi.


                Tourism is one of the major indicators of GDP and economic growth of the country. In other words, an increase in tourism can expand the economy. A critical examination of the literature suggests that further work is needed in the field of tourism. The relationship of entrepreneurship with tourism and the entrepreneurial development in tourism hasn’t studied well. We tried to tap this area through this research paper.

We used the qualitative approach and secondary data analysis through an online survey of potential tourists, to understand the impact of entrepreneurial development in the field of tourism, and its impacts on other areas of development, and conclude that there is a positive relationship between entrepreneurial development and tourism industry, and there are positive impacts of entrepreneurial development on many areas… It is recommended to bring innovative entrepreneurs with tremendous ideas who can bring modern solutions to modern challenges by implementing modern strategies, in this field to boost the economy of Pakistan.

Key Words: Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Development, Change, Pakistan

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This is Filza Samar, an undergraduate student of BS (Management Sciences) at NED University of Engineering and Technology. I'm in my final year with a major in Supply Chain. Studying Management isn't that easy. You need to be a creative, critical thinker, and problem solver at the same time. So, these are my major soft skills. Apart from this, I like to sing, sketch, write, and read. I found it difficult to waste my mind by not doing anything. That's why, when I have time or semester break, I used to read novels, write creative content, and make some sketches to relax my mind. I'm also running an online art and craft business in partnership. I believe that "The more the mind is used, the more it functions properly".

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This is Marium Shabbir, an undergrad of BS Management Sciences with the major of Supply Chain Management from NED University of Engineering and Technology. Being a creative, fun-loving, and exploring personality I love learning new things besides being a bookworm, having multiple skills like Photography, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, and Content Writing. I’m a good presenter and observer at the same time and love interacting with people. I’ve also done some certified online courses like Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Web designing. When it comes to content writing then I love to show my creative side in a way that the content looks creative and informative at the same time.

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I'm Syeda Sidra Navaid, undergrad student of BS Management Science, graduating from NED in 2021 انشاء الله. I'm majoring in Supply Chain and being a management student, I'm striving hard to manage my skill set, and to supply time and concern to each of my skills. I've gifted with two talents; speaking loud and aestheticism الحمدللہ. I speak loudly through my written words about topics that interest me. I critique, I praise, I support, and I raise the voice. On other hand, I sharpen my aestheticism through camera and crafts. The world is full of mishaps and misfortunes. It's needed to critique out the bad, support the good, raise your voice on oppression, and soothe your vision through aesthetic sceneries and stuff.

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