Shahzad Murad

Hello there! I am Shahzad Murad, a Film and TV graduate of Bahçeşehir University Istanbul’s communication department. Currently residing in my hometown Karachi, Pakistan. Films, photography, writing, and art, in general, are an important part of my life not simply because of my academic background but art has been something that kept me motivated and fascinated throughout my life, which led me to take this interest of mine very seriously and not just as a hobby but as a profession as well. I am lucky that I got to choose my academic goals on the basis of my interest, unlike many others. Creating written and digital content is my job which is not just what I enjoy doing but at the same time it is a form of learning that keeps adding up the latest, updated and enlightening information in my book of knowledge, and spreading that knowledge to the readers of my content; isn’t that an exciting job?

Pistanthrophobia - Fear Of Trusting People Due To Past

Pistanthrophobia – Fear Of Trusting People Due To Past

In this blog, we are going to discuss what Pistanthrophobia is? Characteristics of Pistanthrophobia, its effects, and how one can overcome Pistanthrophobia. There are numerous phobias that we are unfamiliar with, in terms of its characteristics and most importantly its name; even if we are going through it. One such …

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