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Hey, there my name is Memoona Arif I am a Food Engineer by profession and a writer by heart. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of chemical engineering at NED university of engineering and technology. The writing was my leisure time activity to the date when I got to know this writing thing can actually benefit people. Now content writing is my passion and engineering brings the soul of analytical thinking and creativity is my passion. Love to write articles/science tech articles, short stories, and scripts in English and urdu . Writings adds happiness in my life

Safe And Healthy Techniques Of Food Preservation

Food Preservation – Safe And Healthy Techniques

Food Preservation: Food preservation, a term used when you want to keep your food away from spoilage microbes or contamination. The food preservation technique is used for the longevity of shelf life. Drying, refrigeration, and fermentation are the oldest method of food preservation. Importance Of Food Preservation Food preservation helps …

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