Masooma Shoaib

I am Masooma Shoaib, an undergraduate student of Bachelors program Surgical Technology at Dow University Of Health Sciences. Being a medical student I believe that if the opportunity doesn’t knock, build the door. My center of attention is to possess knowledge and skills in sterile and aseptic techniques and to implement my expertise in the field of surgery. More on, to accomplish better health services for the operative site. In spite this, I used to intensify my other skills to give out time to build the infrastructure of human characters and to release depress from people minds because once you replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results

Cirrhosis | Types, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Cirrhosis | Types, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease characterized by normal tissue scarring (fibrosis) of liver tissue which can lead to progressive loss of function, reducing blood flow, and hepatic metabolite obstruction. Cirrhosis is the 8th top leading cause of death in the United States. The term cirrhosis is a neologism deriving from the Greek “kirrhos” which means “tanning” (the orange-yellow color of the abnormal liver). How Does Cirrhosis Develop? When liver damage or injured by any …

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Dehydration Due To Diarrheal Diseases

Dehydration Due To Diarrheal Diseases

Dehydration is a condition of water imbalance in a body without water and other body fluids being lost. Normally, water is constantly lost at some point in the day as we breathe, urinate, defecate, and sweat. But if the body loses too much fluid and water than this condition is stated to be dehydrated. A significant cause of morbidity and mortality in infants and young children is dehydration. It is surprisingly well-known in adults too. …

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Stroke | Types, Causes, & Treatment

Stroke | Types, Causes, & Treatment

What Is a Stroke? A stroke is also called a Cerebrovascular Accident. It is characterized as a clinical syndrome that occurs when blood vessels which carry oxygen and nutrient to the parts of the brain are suddenly cut off by any blockage of vessels. When this happens, brain cells going to die within minutes. The frequency of stroke increases rapidly with age. It is the 3rd most common cause of death after cancer and Ischemic …

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Swelling In Lower Extremities - Causes

Swelling In Lower Extremities – Causes

The medical term used for swelling in lower extremities like the gluteal region, thigh, foot, legs, and ankle is “Peripheral Edema”. It is frequently common in older individuals. Most of the swelling is mainly from two causes. It is either by: Accumulation of fluid Or Inflammation Causes Related To Accumulation Of Fluid Fluid accumulates by leakage of tiny blood vessels in the tissue. The factors which can lead the fluid accumulates in tissues are mentioned …

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Alzheimer's Disease?

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? – Overview

Alzheimer’s Disease is a degenerative brain disorder that typically begins in late middle age or old age. There is a deterioration of brain neurons especially the cerebral cortex and causes loss of intellectual functioning. It is a brain disease that slowly and progressively destroys the ability to think, to recall, to visualize, and to know. Some people believed that dementia and Alzheimer’s are the same but the fact is that dementia is a condition that …

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