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Here’s an introduction to a determined team working day and night to bring the best to the ones planning for a balanced and healthy life

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I am a student of Surgical Technology presently enrolled in a bachelor’s program at the Dow University of Health Sciences. I am managing tough to make myself extra trained and expert for the modern day to day surgeries to assist and circulate in the perioperative area with the assigned surgeon during surgical procedures for in-patient care and to maintaining aseptic technique, providing sterile and non-sterile supplies and equipment and anticipating the demands of the attending surgeon. Besides being a medical person, I am also a dedicated content writer with a passion to serve people with my acquaintance in several sectors.

Hey there my name is Ghyna Samar I’m a student of Respiratory Therapy, currently
completing my bachelor’s from the Dow University of Health Sciences, despite being a medical student I also have many interests and one of them is “Content writing”, and for this interest I had also earned a certificate of achievement for “How to Create Great Online Content” by University of Leeds & Institute of Coding. Moreover, I’m dedicated to making myself a more specialized healthcare practitioner in critical care and cardio-pulmonary medicine and theory to practical knowledge of high-tech equipment, such as mechanical ventilators, CPAP & BIPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, and accumulate experience in advising patients to defeat respiratory obstacles and in spite of my devotion to the medical profession I’m also a lively and helping person who loves to provide best pieces of advice and knowledge to my fellows through my writing skills.

About Marium Shabbir

This is Marium Shabbir, an undergrad of BS Management Sciences with the major of Supply Chain Management from NED University of Engineering and Technology. Being a creative, fun-loving, and exploring personality I love learning new things besides being a bookworm, having multiple skills like Photography, Graphics Designing, Web Designing, and Content Writing. I’m a good presenter and observer at the same time and love interacting with people. I’ve also done some certified online courses like Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Web designing. When it comes to content writing then I love to show my creative side in a way that the content looks creative and informative at the same time.

About Filza Samar

This is Filza Samar, an undergraduate student of BS (Management Sciences) at NED University of Engineering and Technology. I’m in my final year with a major in Supply Chain. Studying Management isn’t that easy. You need to be a creative, critical thinker, and problem solver at the same time. So, these are my major soft skills. Apart from this, I like to sing, sketch, write, and read. I found it difficult to waste my mind by not doing anything. That’s why, when I have time or semester break, I used to read novels, write creative content, and make some sketches to relax my mind. I’m also running an online art and craft business in partnership. I believe that “The more the mind is used, the more it functions properly”.

About Syeda Sidra Navaid

I’m Syeda Sidra Navaid, undergrad student of BS Management Science, graduating from NED in 2021 انشاء الله. I’m majoring in Supply Chain and being a management student, I’m striving hard to manage my skill set, and to supply time and concern to each of my skills. I’ve gifted with two talents; speaking loud and aestheticism الحمدللہ. I speak loudly through my written words about topics that interest me. I critique, I praise, I support, and I raise the voice. On other hand, I sharpen my aestheticism through camera and crafts. The world is full of mishaps and misfortunes. It’s needed to critique out the bad, support the good, raise your voice on oppression, and soothe your vision through aesthetic sceneries and stuff.

My name is Muhammad Abdullah. I am being a Computer Science student for quite long now, as I already completed my 3 years diploma program related to the software stuff, alongside my intermediate. I am currently doing my bachelors in the same faculty (BS-CS) from Iqra Univeristy. It was always like a priority for me to stay in touch with the modern world of technology, for which i decided to go on with the particular faculty I am in. One of my motives is ultimately to contribute for my country in such a way that Pakistan can also keep up with the modern day industry. Besides this, I’ve been enthusiastically studying the field of meteorology, on my own, for more than 4 years now to aware the citizens with real weather dynamics, rather than falsely portrayed image of it over our lives/environment! Creative writing is what I do alongside it.

My Name is Uzair Khan and I’m a student of B.Sc. Hons at Department of Microbiology, University of Karachi. These days completing my Master’s Degree program in the same field. I’ve also worked as a Freelancer developing Progressive Web Applications as well as Android Applications using React and React Native Platform. As I was interested in the Research from the beginning, so I joined Office Of Research Innovation and Commercialization — HEC at University of Karachi as an Ambassador.  Apart from that I’ve been teaching O and ALevels with different known Academies of the city for past 4 years and contributing in Teaching Industry by teaching in different coaching centers. Moreover, to be a good researcher and to expertise in the field, content and article writing has appended in my interests.

I am Masooma Shoaib, undergraduate student of Bachelors program Surgical Technology at Dow University Of health Sciences . Being a medical student I believe that if opportunity doesn’t knock ,build the door. My center of attention is to possess knowledge and skills in sterile and aseptic technique and to implement my expertise in the field of surgery. More on, to accomplish better health services for operative site . In spite this, I used to intensify my other skills to give out time to build infrastructure of human characters and to release depress from people minds because once you replaced the negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results

I am an electrical engineer from NED University, currently working in oil and gas industry.
I have worked on projects related to power generation, distribution, C++ and python programming. I am an avid reader and love to read mystery, fiction and fantasy novels, always on the lookout for something new.

Hey there my name is Memoona Arif I am a Food Engineer by profession and a writer by heart . I am currently enrolled in Masters of chemical engineering at NED university of engineering and technology. Writing was my leisure time activity to the date when I got to know this writing thing can actually benefit people . Now content writing is my passion and engineering brings  the soul of analytical thinking and creativity in my passion . Love to write  articles/science tech articles  ,short stories and scripts in English and urdu . Writings adds happiness in my life 


I am Alizeh Khan. Currently doing bachelor’s in software engineering. I’ve a great experience in writing content/articles for different website and I am looking forward to work more in this field and improve my skills and expertise

Hello there! I am Shahzad Murad, a Film and TV graduate of Bahçeşehir University
Istanbul’s communication department. Currently residing in my hometown Karachi,
Pakistan. Films, photography, writing, and art, in general, are an important part of my life not simply because of my academic background but art has been something that kept me motivated and fascinated throughout my life, which led me to take this interest of mine very seriously and not just as a hobby but as a profession as well. I am lucky that I got to choose my academic goals on the basis of my interest, unlike many others. Creating written and digital content is my job which is not just what I enjoy doing but at the same time it is a form of learning that keeps adding up the latest, updated and enlightening information in my book of knowledge, and spreading that knowledge to the readers of my content; isn’t that an exciting job?