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organizational behavior

Organizational Behavior | Role In Organizational Effectiveness

Introduction To Organizational Behavior: This Article Covers: What organizational behaviour is? Historical evolution of organizational behaviour Theories related to organizational behaviour Its role in organizational effectiveness Methods of research Organizational behaviour and HRM The role of the external environment in organizational behaviour Overview Of Organizational Behavior What Is Organizational Behavior?

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Difference b/w infection & disease

Difference B/w Infection & Disease

Difference b/w infection & disease is briefly discussed in this article. A summarized table is also attached at the end of the article for swift readers. What Is An Infection? Infection is defined as the invasion of another organism in a human body and causing disease. The organism that invades can cause

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Disease | Types, Causes, Prevention

What Is A Disease? A disease can be defined as an abnormal condition. A condition in which the micro-organism gives a negative effect to the host organism or part of it; that is not due to any immediate external injury. It can be caused by external factors like pathogens or

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